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Entwicklung eines Kältetherapiegerätes für flächige und punktuelle Anwendungen

Betreuer: Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Roßdeutscher

Steffen Werner

Development of a cryotherapy device for extensive and selective use
The effect of the coldness as a local anesthetic as well as the successful treatment with coldness with swells, pains and inflammations have been known for nearly 2000 years. The first cooling system were already realized in the middle of the 19th century, In the market the trend becomes apparent to reproducible methods of this administration. That is why it has been the aim to develop a device for the pain therapy as an alternative to the established physiotherapeutic methods of treatment by using Peltier elements as a well adjustable generator of coldness. Two applicators should be designed for a room temperature up to 30 degrees. A surface applicator with a temperature of 5 degrees and a selective applicator with a temperature of 15 degrees. To this a conceptual interpretation of Peltier elements and the cooler circuit were compiled on the basis of the calculated cooling power. Developing from the theoretical pre considerations the prototype and the accompanying applicators. In a later project phase the different factors of influence on the cooling reaction have been examined and evaluated. Therefore it has shown that topically not more than 15 Kelvin difference in temperature to the temperature around the surface applicator could be reached. Further investigations must clearify the cause for it, before the Peltier elements will be rejected as a generator for coldness. If it is not still possible to create the aimed 25 Kelvin in the device on condition of a sufficient mobility, it must be searched for an alternative with regard to the generation of coldness in the device itself.

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